Project Specific "Top Up" Cover / Additional Project Specific PI Insurance

What is Project Specific "Top Up" Cover and why do you need it?

From time to time, to meet a contractual requirement, you may be requested to carry a level of Indemnity cover that is greater than the annual Limit of the Firms Professional indemnity policy.

Where it is not economical for the member firm to increase the level of annual cover, it is possible to purchase a separate policy to provide "top up" cover for a specified project. This will provide additional cover that is in excess of the cover provided by the annual policy, e.g. your current annual policy limit is $500,000 but your client requires cover for $2 million.

A "top up" policy with a Limit of Indemnity of $1,500,000 can be arranged so that the sum of the two policies provides the requisite $2 million. The "top up" policy will apply only to the specified project.