Claims Notification Procedure

It has become apparent recently, that some members are not familiar with the requirements and their responsibilities when making a notification for a potential or actual claim against them.

Firstly, it is your duty, to notify the insurer, at the first opportunity when you become aware that a claim for negligence may be made against you.  This could be a passing comment from your client, or it could be on your own realisation when you realise that an error has been made that could have been avoided and the impact of that error is that your client may suffer a financial loss.

Secondly, once a notification has been made, it is your duty to provide as much information as possible to the insurer to facilitate either your defence or management of the claim.  This will often involve you in a considerable amount of time to prepare a chronological account of events that have led to the error or omission being made.  In the case of a claim dealing with civil construction works, it almost certainly will involve you in providing information relating to quantities and value of works which are allegedly over and above that which could have reasonably been expected under the terms of the contract.  While the claims committee will endeavour to assist the insurer, the person who is best placed to provide a clear account of the events is you.

Remember, the problem is yours. It is you that needs to take an active part in resolving it.  Insurance is just the back stop to clean up the consequences of your action.  Insurance is not the solution. Click the link to see our insurance products.