Drone Hull & Liability

Provides protection for remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS), payload, ground equipment and spares whilst on the ground, during take-off, in flight, being transported in your vehicle or in storage. Cover can also include third party liability and consequential loss.

We have all heard stories of insurance nightmares where travellers have been caught out by the small print in their policies at a time of greatest need. Or alternatively with health insurance, those in their desperate hour have learnt that they are not covered when it matters the most. We hope will get you thinking about looking at your drone insurance more closely. Currently many people are probably running under the assumption that their public liability insurance or other coverage will do all they need when that fateful accident happens. This is dangerous. We urge professionals to consider more specific insurance that is designed to cover the usage of drone equipment. We hope you enjoy the humour but take away an important lesson.