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Become a Member

Membership of LPMS is a privilege. Applications are very carefully vetted by the membership committee to ensure that the applicant has a sound grasp of professional practice and that appropriate business systems are in place to minimise exposure to the risk of a claim for negligence (e.g. with Professional Indemnity Insurance in place). This is to also ensure that the best interests of the membership as a whole are protected.

Eligibility for Membership

To be eligible for membership the applicant or at least one principal of an applicant firm must be a member of either the

  • New Zealand Institute of Clerk of Works
  • New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management
  • New Zealand Institute of Forestry Inc (Registered Forestry Consultant)
  • New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors Inc
  • New Zealand Institute of Surveyors
  • Institute of Cadastral Surveying Inc.
  • New Zealand Institute of Valuers
  • New Zealand Planning Institute (Consultant’s Division)
  • Property Institute of New Zealand

Terms and Conditions of Membership

The Society shall consist of an unlimited number of Members.

  1. Every person who is a Member of the Society on the date of adoption of these Rules shall continue to be a Member of the Society.
  2. The following shall be eligible to apply for Membership of the Society:
    1. Any Member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors, or of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers;
    2. Any person, partnership, company or body corporate (including any multi-discipline partnership, company or body corporate) who is, or which has at least one partner or director who is, currently practising in private practice as a land surveyor or registered valuer.
    3. Any person, partnership, firm or body corporate carrying on the practice of any profession which the Executive shall determine is so closely allied to or associated with the profession of surveying or valuing as to be a kindred profession.
  3. Any person eligible for Membership under the provisions of the foregoing subclause who wishes to become a Member shall make application in writing to the Executive. The Executive shall have the right to refuse or accept or defer any application, and any application may be deferred or refused, at the absolute discretion of the Executive, without any reason being assigned. No person, company or society shall be entitled to be admitted as a Member of the Society except in pursuance of the foregoing provisions.
  4. The Executive may in its absolute discretion from time to time resolve that any Member who no longer holds any of the qualifications for admission set out in the above written subclause (c), or who has failed for six months to pay any moneys due and owing by him to the Society shall be disqualified from Membership.
  5. Every Member shall pay to the Society in every year a subscription in accordance with the provisions of this Rule. The subscription payable from time to time by Members shall be determined by the Executive. The Executive shall not be obliged to charge a flat subscription rate to all Members but may vary the subscription levied upon Members in accordance with the benefits that the Executive may consider that each Member may derive from the Society, or in such other manner as the Executive may in its absolute discretion determine.