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As a member of LPMS, you can approach any job with the backing of a team dedicated to protecting your business and professional reputation as a quantity surveyor.

We’ve got you covered with insurance designed for quantity surveyors, the support of a claims committee, and knowledge and training for professional development.


Specialised policies designed with input from land professionals for risks specific to quantity surveyors


If you get a claim made against you, you’ll get immediate support from our experienced team

Knowledge and training

Get access to our knowledge base, learn how to minimise risk, and receive training from experts

Become a member and get the best indemnity protection available for quantity surveyors

As a member of LPMS, you can approach any job with the assurance you have the backing of a society of land professionals and the best protection from professional indemnity claims. Our insurance policies are unique, underwritten by major providers and exclusive to our members.

Here’s how we work to keep your business and reputation safe:

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Keep abridge of our education updates and info

Alert us if you foresee a problem or a query arises

Our advisory board will review, supports and advise

The Claims Committee comprises surveying and valuer professionals. You can contact them any time for confidential advice about how to mitigate the risk of a situation developing into a claim. If a claim is made, the Claims Committee forms an intermediary between you and the insurer, with the goal of resolving the claim as quickly as possible.

LPMS arranges insurance policies written specifically for surveyors and valuers. These policies are underwritten by leading market insurers, and are only available through LPMS. Policies are updated regularly to provide continuity of indemnity provisions.

LPMS has an active continuing education programme. Receive regular updates with case studies, topics of interest, and more.

LPMS maintains an extensive resource library for members providing information on practical risk management and claims avoidance. This is accessible online to members only.

$50,000 of free life cover is available for long-term members. Contact us for conditions and more information.

We provide a free Professional Indemnity Run-off Cover Scheme for retired long-term members. Contact us for conditions and more information.

You may be exposed to risks not covered by Professional Indemnity. Companion Cover provides additional indemnity for these risks. Download the Companion Cover brochure for more information.

Subsection (1) of the Cadastral Survey Act 2002 states that if an error is found in a cadastral survey dataset affecting any title under the Land Transfer Act 1952 or tenure under any other Act, the Surveyor General may, in writing, require the cadastral surveyor responsible for the error to undertake the work necessary to correct the error.” This potential “personal liability” for the consequential losses arising from this circumstance is able to be covered by our policy.

Ensuring you have continuous Professional Indemnity cover is vital for protection against future claims. Download more information about The Importance of Continuity of Indemnity.

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