Liability insurance for land professionals

LPMS is a not for profit Incorporated Society which facilitates access to Professional Indemnity and other insurance policies for its members. We receive at least one enquiry per week about a potential claim for professional liability. Claims can come from many sources. They represent a risk to your reputation, your ability to practice and your financial solvency.

As a member, you’re backed by an experienced team

We are dedicated to supporting and protecting our members from liability claims. 

First, we do this by providing access to insurance policies designed with input from land professionals and tailored specifically for land professionals. There are no better insurance products available in the market for surveyors, valuers, and quantity surveyors.

Second, we back our members with claims support, show them how to manage and mitigate risk, provide access to our knowledge base, and continue their professional development. We’ve been doing this since 1976. As part of our society, you’re never alone if a claim is brought against you.

Offering our members more than insurance

As a society, our principal objectives include:


Providing a comprehensive suite of insurance products designed for land professionals to protect their business, reputation and financial solvency.


Providing members with supportive claims assistance and administration, including quality technical, legal and insurance assistance.


Guiding our members to minimise their potential for liability claims, or finding ways to avoid them altogether.


Continually seeking and managing potential new risks to the industry, and updating members with information on risk minimisation skills and loss prevention techniques.

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