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Become a member of our mutual society and gain the support of a group of land professionals dedicated to protecting your business and reputation.

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    All members receive the following benefits and features:

    Unique Insurance Policies

    We arrange insurance policies written specifically for surveyors and valuers. These policies are underwritten by leading market insurers and are only available through LPMS. Policies are updated regularly to provide continuity of indemnity provisions.

    Claims Committee System

    Our Claims Committee is a group of surveying and valuer professionals who are available at any time for confidential advice about mitigating the risk of a situation becoming a claim. If you receive a claim, the committee provides technical assistance to the Insurer to resolve the claim as quickly as possible.

    Continued Professional Development

    LPMS promotes continued professional development for all members with education, and access to our knowledge base and library of resources. We also keep you informed about topics of interest, industry developments and case studies.

    Complimentary Insurance

    We provide all long-term, qualifying members with two free insurance policies. These include $50,000 life cover to Principals of firms up to 70 years of age, and Professional Indemnity Run-off Cover for retired Principals of long-term members. Member firms Contact us for conditions and more information.